Jubileumboek Scelta Mushrooms

Welcome to the mushroom world!
Scelta jubileumboek

Jubileumboek Scelta Mushrooms

Welcome to the mushroom world! Al meer dan 25 jaar laat ambassadeur Jan Klerken van Scelta zich inspireren door een kleine, onuitputtelijke power source: de champignon. Pavlov maakte een jubileumboek over zijn persoonlijke ervaringen, levenslessen, ontmoetingen, voor- en tegenspoed. Vanuit Venlo, waar het allemaal begon, tot aan down under en Japan. Een jubileumboek over het ‘Scelta-succes’ en het belang van een gezonde en duurzame wereld.

Uit het voorwoord van Jan Klerken:

“I’ve been travelling for 45 years. From Italy, California and Japan to Australia and India. But I always end up coming back home – back to my roots and our creative and culinary institute. Back to Venlo, the place where my dreams came true; where I can make my ideas into a reality – and where experts are trans- forming their knowledge into delicious dishes and innovative and healthy products in ever more sophisticated ways. And all of this because of the ‘white miracle’ – a small power source which has so much to offer that even after all these years it continues to inspire me as an entrepreneur, pushing me to try out new things. For me, and for my family, Scelta Mushrooms is nothing less than a way of life.

This book is about good times and bad times. About the successes – everything that we’ve achieved all over the world in 25 years – as well as the lessons we’ve learned along the way. It’s about reflection, wanderlust, food culture, and turning ideas into results. This is a book crammed full of anecdotes and stories about some of the things we’ve experienced together. And all of it thanks to the humble button mushroom! It was those twenty-five years at Scelta Mushrooms that made me who I am today. This book represents my outlook on life and doing business – which has been shape and influenced by everyone around me. I owe many, many people a massive debt of grati- tude for this. In the first place, of course, my wife Marita, my children Jan Junior and Jules, and my parents, of course; it’s because of them that I ended up in this line of business.

There’s a good reason that my motto is ‘dare to share’. In the course of my quest for innova- tive products and ways to make my ambitions come true, I worked with many colleagues to create a large international network. We work alongside a wide range of people and organi- sations. Family, current and former members of staff, co-shareholders, business partners, growers, customers, consultants, people I’ve known briefly and those I consider among my dearest friends are all invaluable. Without your knowledge, experience, determination, entrepreneurship, stories, dreams, ambitions and humour I would never have been able to put this book together. We’ve been through a lot together – too much to mention. This book consists of six chapters and takes you all over the world. Life’s a journey and I’m ex- cited to take you with me. Even so, ultimately this is just a snapshot. There’ll be many more memorable moments to come. After all, we continue to work together every day to create a flavourful, healthy and sustainable world.”


Scelta Mushrooms: 25 years of winnovation


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