Een inspirerende give-away voor alle frequent flyers van KLM
Bladerboek voor KLM


Kleren maken de man, foto’s maken het boek. Dat zie je bijvoorbeeld aan dit inspirerende, mooi gebonden ‘in the air boekje’ dat Pavlov maakte voor Frequent Flyers bij KLM. Cabinepersoneel deelde het uit om daarmee de band met frequent flyers te verstevigen. Met verhalen over the Admiral’s Cup, een nacht in het Walforf-Astoria, en de beroemde Breitling Navitimer. Uit het voorwoord:

‘A moment of inspiration and a lifetime of dedication spell passion’
Every now and then the world gives us great examples of what dedicated and passionate people can do. Passion can have many faces, passion for a cause or ideal, a sport, the perfect fettucini or the best service. Sometimes it goes unnoticed by the vast majority of the public, but sometimes it is visible for the whole world to see. This booklet is a present to all our beloved Frequent Flyers KLM. It brings you passions, visible and invisible both, that have proven their worth and have survived the changeable nature of fashion. Albert Plesman had it. In 1919 he founded KLM because he was passionate about flying and wanted to share this lifetime “love” with his passengers by giving them that magical experience. KLM still has it. Although flying is today common currency, we want you to experience our drive by giving you the best possible service and a little bit of that magic every time you fly with us. You will also find it in the story of the sailors who battle the elements and each other to win the famed Admiral’s Cup. Or in reading about the men who gave New York a great hotel; made the best chocolate; or guard the secrets of a single malt whisky. You will recognize what inspired us in the rich history surrounding Harry’s Bar in Venice, and in the worldwide quest for an unspoiled paradise. These are just some samples of what we have collected for you. As the oldest airline operating under its own name, KLM has proven its capabilities and has been able to carry across that special feeling of passion. 1 see it in our staff who go that extra mile to exceed the expectations of our passengers. And after 31 years of working for KLM, I must admit to being guilty of it too. 

Leo van Wijk
President KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


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